Cleia Tiles believes that to create quality products, one needs quality production setup. The company has brought in the best production facilities from the world with a huge capacity and state-of-the-art machinery. The automated production line is supported by swift computers and latest technology. Whats more, the technical staff is well experienced in diverse fields too. It is the biggest production plant in India for 600x600 mm, 800x800 mm, 600x1200 mm, 800x1600 mm tiles and 1200x2400 mm.

Facilities for Size 600x600 MM|800X800 MM|600X1200 MM |800X1600MM |1200X2400 MM


To be a loyal partner in offering holistic yet stylish wall & floor decor solutions with constantly satisfying as well as delighting the patrons bringing the Indian way of life to people across the world in an imaginative blend of cultures in more than 50 countries.


To create meaningful life for customers and stature where we are symbolized for novelty and creativity globally.


  • Innovation and Inspiration: We are at the forefront of novelty and have a culture of dedication and developing leaders who generate winning results.
  • People First: From respected clientele, suppliers, partners to our team, we prioritize them before everything.
  • Flawless Execution: We take complete responsibility of perfect working environment and delivering unmatched results with highly creative teams under an inspiring leadership.
  • Authenticity: We create strong and honest values with matchless brands.
  • Integrity and Ethics: Our promise to integrity, and ethical standards towards partners is unwavering.

Brilliance in quality and design is attained by vision of skilled leaders, which has led to the quick growth and success of Cleia as a worldwide brand. Within short span of time, we have become the powerhouse of innovations and this is just the beginning. Today, we are recognized for innovation and betterment in quality as well as products such as Vitrified Tiles and Porcelain Tiles. We are a prestigious production unit, which is producing various sizes and types of porcelain in different thicknesses, whose range is 7mm to 20mm. With this range, we meet the requirements of building facade, (using on behalf of stone), indoor and outdoor for walls, floors and steps.


Whether you are an expert importer or beginning with import, we can help you out with a sourcing solution. Being a reliable sourcing partner in ceramic industry in India, we manage the entire process, including:

  •  Communication and knowledge clients requirements and expectations
  •  Contacting direct manufacturers as well as obtaining quotations
  •  Negotiation of prices, lead time along with minimum order quantity
  •  Selection of the suppliers on the basis of quality, price, capacity and lead time
  •  Development and evaluation of the samples
  •  Complete compliance test for all the samples when and where necessary


Production as well as quality control is not just one time event for us. In fact, it is an ongoing process which begins when you choose a supplier. This helps in avoiding any problems well in advance. We have an automated production line that is backed with latest technology and computers. We have the biggest production plant in India for 800x800 mm or 600x600 mm, 1000x1000 mm, 1200x1200 mm tiles.

We have facilities for making tiles in sizes of 800x800mm, 1000x1000 mm, 600x1200 mm, 1200x1200 mm, 800x 1600 mm. Some highlights are listed below:

  • Capacity: 15000 sq. mtr. per day
  • Kiln: Longest Kiln with length of 252 mtrs. from SACMI-FMP Model
  • Press: PH 7500 tons-04 nos. from SACMI
  • Feeding system: multicharged modular
  • Polishing line: Biggest Polishing line with 64 heads from KEDA and 48 Heads om KEDA
  • Polishing machine with Nano facility
  • Automatic measurement for size as well as planarity of the tile (Sizer, Planer machine from Italy)


  • Capacity: 17000 sq. mtr. per day
  • Kiln: 02 no. of 152 mtrs long and wild from SACMI
  • 1 no. of 180 mtrs. long from SACMI
  • Press: PH 5000L tons, 2 nos. from SACMI
  • PH 6500 tons, 2 nos. from SACMI
  • Feeding system: multicharged modular
  • Polishing line: 48 Heads from KEDA and 64 Heads from KEDA
  • Polishing machine with Nano facility
  • Automatic measurement for size as well as planarity of the tile (Sizer, Planer machine from Italy)
  • Digital Machine 6 color bar from Italy. (Result we can get up to 8 gray scale)

Being a quality control and production inspection partner in Ceramic Tiles, Designer Vitrified Tiles, Floor  Vitrified Tiles industry in India, we manage the whole process, encompassing:

  • Monitoring the production trial run and releasing the reports to clients followed by mass production
  • Follow up manufacturing and carrying out the QC inspection throughout the entire production process
  • Establishment of the inspection guidelines as per the clients requirement and standard
  • Regular factory visit to carry out the pre-shipment inspection
  • Inspection of samples or the initial production
  • Complete compliance test of all the Pull samples from mass production


We manage everything to deliver your goods like Vitrified Tiles, from the Indian ceramic industry to your door. Packing, loading, unloading & documentation according to clients requirements is a critical parameter for export and import. As a packing, documentation and logistics supervision partner in the Indian ceramic industry, we streamline the whole process, such as:

  • Monitoring of the box packing, pallet packing, labels etc., in accordance with clients requirements
  • Follow up process about loading planning as well as timely dispatch with the manufacturer
  • Conduct inspection to ensure efficient loading as well as labelling to make it convenient for customer
  • Detailed picture presentation report regarding packing and loading containers to clients


Documentations according to country requirements are very important for clients. Being your documentation partner, we take responsibility of the entire process such as:

  • Assuring complete and timely documentation as per clients requirements
  • Follow up process with forwarding and custom agents for shipment on board along with regular updates
  • Assuring timely delivery of all the required documents to our clients

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